The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of St. Michael's Episcopal Day School consists of twenty-two men and women who, in accordance with the school's bylaws, are elected to three-year terms. The board has seven standing committees and one ad hoc committee where much of the work of the board takes place. During each school year, these committees identify short-term objectives to pursue within the framework of an evolving strategic plan. The board meets six times a year from September through June.

The strongest boards (whatever the organization they direct) recruit their members by means of cultivating a group of able and diverse individuals over time. The Committee on Trustees is always on the lookout for people who are interested in contributing their talents to St. Michael's School.

2016-2017 Board of Trustees


  • Rt. Reverend Barry L. Beisner, Chairman of the Board
  • Kristine Hyde, President
  • David Nickum, Vice President
  • Michael Tate, Treasurer
  • Annie Kaplon, Secretary


  • George Dariotis
  • Jack Downey
  • Carol Wieckowski Dreyer
  • Gerry Kamilos
  • Gail McMichael
  • Jennifer Pulliam


Ex Officio

Mary Heise, Head of School
Rev. Mary Hudak, Rector, St. Michael's Church
Laura Lyon, Advancement Coordinator
Angie Meyer, Parents Club President

St. Michael's not only provides a rigorous curriculum, but offers many opportunities for the students to express their individuality and have fun through a variety of co-curricular activities."

— Katie Abbott, Faculty, Student Affairs

Accreditations and Memberships