Faculty/Staff Directory

Title Name Email
Head of School Mary Heise maryheise@smeds.com
Assistant Head of School Katie Abbott katieabbott@smeds.com
Business Services Sue Abbott sueabbott@smeds.com
Registrar Erin Bimson erinbimson@smeds.com
Athletic Director Steve Buzzard stevebuzzard@smeds.com

Advancement/Admissions Associate, Educational Technology Coordinator Dyan Carey dyancarey@smeds.com
Director of ECE Marty Conkle martyconkle@smeds.com
Extended Day Coordinator Jessica Drissi jessicad@smeds.com
Buildings and Grounds Peddrick Ford pedford@smeds.com
School Doctor Ulrike Savage
Director of Advancement Laura Lyon lauralyon@smeds.com
Webmaster Kendra Malek kendramalek@smeds.com
Dean of Students / Director of Technology Jim McArdle jimmcardle@smeds.com
Director of Theater Joe Monroe joemonroe@smeds.com
Librarian/Learning Resource Center Director Martha Rowland martharowland@smeds.com
Chaplain Rev. Lynell Walker lwalker@smeds.com
Professional Development /Curriculum Coordinator Diane Williamson dianewilliamson@smeds.com
Director of Admissions Laura Farrior laurafarrior@smeds.com

Early Childhood Education Program 3-Day Preschool and 5-Day Pre-Kindergarten

Title Name Email
Director of ECE, Pre-K Teacher Marty Conkle martyconkle@smeds.com
Preschool Teacher Katrina Charamuga katrinac@smeds.com
Pre-K Teacher Chelsea Deavers chelsead@smeds.com
Preschool Teacher Debbie Fairbrook debfairbrook@smeds.com
ECE Aide Christine Balalis christinebalalis@smeds.com

Lower School Program, Kindergarten - 4th Grade

Grade/Program Name Email
Kindergarten Laura Knox lauraknox@smeds.com
First Penny Chatzis pennychatzis@smeds.com
First Grade Associate Teacher Anne Hamilton annehamilton@smeds.com
Second Julie Buck juliebuck@smeds.com
Third Stefanie Manolakas stefaniemanolakas@smeds.com
Third Grade Associate Teacher Olivia Graffis oliviag@smeds.com
Fourth Lauren Schmitt laurenschmitt@smeds.com

Lower School Specialty Teachers

Grade/Program Name Email
Music/Instruments Jeremy Bolt jeremybolt@smeds.com
ECE-3rd P.E. Steve Buzzard stevebuzzard@smeds.com
Lower School Aide Medea Croy medeacroy@smeds.com
ECE-4th Grade Music, Chorus Director, Chapel Music Kami Davis kamidavis@smeds.com
K-3rd Art Jessica Drissi jessicad@smeds.com
K-4th Science Olivia Graffis oliviag@smeds.com
4th P.E. Steve Grialou stevegrialou@smeds.com
4th Art Leslie Hackard lesliehackard@smeds.com
K-4th Computers Rick Hauch rickhauch@smeds.com
K-4th Spanish Geri Kearns gerikearns@smeds.com
Resource Teacher Amy Jensen amyjensen@smeds.com
K-2nd Reading Teacher Heidi Landis heidilandis@smeds.com
Resource Teacher Cindy Martin cindymartin@smeds.com
ECE-4th Library Martha Rowland martharowland@smeds.com

Middle School Program, 5th-8th Grade

Grade/Program Name Email
6th Grammar Katie Abbott katieabbott@smeds.com
Math Resource Dyan Carey dyancarey@smeds.com
Music/Instruments Jeremy Bolt jeremybolt@smeds.com
5th-8th Grade Music, Chorus Director, Chapel Music Kami Davis kamidavis@smeds.com
5th Homeroom, 5th and History, 5th and 6th Language Arts Lynn Dowdell lynndowdell@smeds.com
6th Grade Homeroom, 6th Grade History, 6th Grade Language Arts, 7th and 8th Grammar Sharon Fabriz sharonfabriz@smeds.com
8th Homeroom, 7th and 8th Math, Robotics Veronica Graffis veronicagraffis@smeds.com
7th Homeroom, 5th-8th P.E., 7th History Steve Grialou stevegrialou@smeds.com
5th-8th Art Leslie Hackard lesliehackard@smeds.com
6th Latin; 5th-8th Computers; Shakespeare Festival Rick Hauch rickhauch@smeds.com
Resource Teacher Amy Jensen amyjensen@smeds.com
6th-8th Grade Science Nicole Jensen nicolejensen@smeds.com
5th Science Jane McArdle janemcardle@smeds.com
8th History Jim McArdle jimmcardle@smeds.com
7th and 8th Writing and Literature, 7th and 8th Latin Joe Monroe joemonroe@smeds.com
6th Homeroom, 5th-7th Math, Resource Teacher Marnee Ramos marneeramos@smeds.com
5th-8th Library Martha Rowland martharowland@smeds.com
5th-8th Spanish Lia Sioukas liasioukas@smeds.com
5th - 8th Religion Lynell Walker lwalker@smeds.com
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