Welcome to the Fifth Grade

Homeroom Teacher: Lynn Dowdell




Welcome to Fifth Grade!

2017-18 Student Council Representative Packet - Packet, Form, and Speech Template 

Room Parent Announcements

Field Trip - Please remember that the class will be going to Davis for a chorus event tomorrow morning. They will be returning back to campus in time for lunch.
Morning Chapel - 5th grade will be performing God Bless America in chapel in the morning.
Back to School Night is this Thursday Sept. 21st @ 7:00
Book Orders - Just a reminder that the Scholastic book orders are due this Friday. Kristen Shill will be putting the orders through first thing Saturday morning.
Lunchroom Volunteers - We are still in need of volunteers to help in lunchroom Sept. 25th-29th. Thank you to those of you who have already signed up.
  • Monday Sept. 25: Sandy B and Koryn D
  • Tuesday Sept. 26:??
  • Wednesday Sept. 27:??
  • Thursday Sept. 28: Sandra and ?
  • Friday Sept. 29: Wendy W and ?

Rube Goldberg Projects - 2016/17




To view the 2015-16 projects, visit www.techgeneral.com.  The password is Teacher2140.

2015-15 Projects


For homework and calendared assignments in academic classes, please visit the St. Michael's Haiku Site: https://smeds.haikulearning.com.


Important Dates


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Middle School Orientation Forms and Documents



Fifth Grade Grammar Synopsis

Over the course of the 5th grade year, the students will be learning the fundamentals of correct grammar.  This includes parts of speech, correct usage, and mechanics (punctuation, capitalization, spelling).  Students will have the foundation on which to craft their work, creating the meaning and style they like, whether it is to inform, entertain or persuade. Students will practice sentence modeling using inventive syntax from the novels they are reading and from mentor texts. They will learn to embed details, imagery, and figurative language by using various types of phrasing and will practice sentence construction techniques that include specific grammatical structures.


Physical Education

Classes will focus on health-related fitness: body composition, cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, strength, and flexibility. Additionally skill-related fitness concepts such as agility, balance, coordination, power, reaction time, and speed will be incorporated into daily activities.

In the first quarter our units will include flag football and our first racket sport: pickleball. Students will have daily physical fitness activities, and one day a week the concentration will be on cardiovascular fitness thru middle distance endurance as well as circuit training targeting agility, balance, and coordination.
Nutrition and heart rate monitoring will be an ongoing discussion during our school year.


Language Arts



Listening + Speaking + Reading + Writing

Spanish class will follow an immersive approach that incorporates listening, speaking, reading and writing. Each unit will include activities, homework assignments, projects or assessments that will incorporate one or more of these elements.  Verbs and simple sentence structure will be taught along with each unit so that students’ writing, reading and speaking develop simultaneously. Grades will be based on homework, participation, projects, tests and quizzes.



The middle school math curriculum at St. Michael's is designed to ensure that the majority of our students complete Algebra 1 in their eighth grade year. In fifth through eighth grade students are split into differentiated math groups. There is an accelerated group and a grade level group as well as differentiation within each group. Math sections vary by the pace at which the concepts are presented and by the degree of rigor. The two math groups allow for students to be among like learners and work at an appropriate pace. Each group will be presented with a core curriculum where the topics covered are typically the same but will vary in breadth and depth.

Students have been placed based on standardized test results, previous teacher recommendation and beginning of the year diagnostic assessment. Because math is developmental, students acquire mathematical reasoning at different times in their chronological and cognitive maturation, so their math placement is fluid. Placement is evaluated on a regular basis.

Please refer the the below link for information about 5th grade math. Log on is the same username and password that you have for the envision math program.



Helpful Science Links for further study and exploration:



Fifth graders go to the library once a week for an introduction to engaging books, library skills, and checking out books to support assignments and for leisure reading. Literature and library activites are selected to support the unit themes of Imagine It, social studies, science, and other curriculum.

Visit the St. Michael's Library Website at
Stop by and say hello to Ms. Martha Rowland, Librarian



Fifth Graders will start the year by developing a Google Earth screencast of a location in the United States they wish to visit. They’ll make this trip viable by developing a budget on Google Sheets, complete with travel arrangements.  During the second quarter students will be using Google Trends to compare two like or unlike entities. They will analyze the popularity of the entities, both chronologically and geographically, and research the reasons for the trends. Hypotheses will precede actual data. They’ll take screenshots of pertinent data and embed it within the Google slideshow which will be presented to the class.  Students will also begin their studies of digital safety and responsibility. They’ll openly discuss within groups and the class about the best practices and the actions they will take in certain situations. Common Sense Media, a research-based organization promoting digital responsibility, will be utilized for lesson content.

Field Trips, Class Parties, Lunchroom & Volunteers


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Fifth Grade Teachers

Mrs. Lynn Dowdell
Homeroom, Language Arts and History

Mr. Jeremy Bolt

Ms. Kami Davis
Music and Chorus

Mr. Steve Grialou

Ms. Leslie Hackard

Mr. Rick Hauch

Mrs. Jane McArdle

Ms. Marnee Ramos

Ms. Martha Rowland

Mrs. Lia Sioukas

Chaplain Lynell Walker

Accreditations and Memberships