2017 Summer Homework

A summer math and reading program is mandatory for St. Michael’s students entering first through eighth grades. Keeping these skills fresh during the summer will ensure a productive start in a new grade level in the fall. Parents can facilitate the process by establishing a schedule for the summer that combines summer work with other activities to help focus your child. Allowing your child to wait until the last two weeks of summer to begin the work will have little learning benefit.  Students and parents are also asked to sign and return the summer homework contract to their homeroom teacher by the last day of school.

These are the math programs we have chosen for this summer:

  • Students entering first through third grades will complete a workbook put out by Summer Solutions. Your child’s teacher will choose the book level appropriate for your child’s needs.
  • Students entering fourth through eighth grades will be assigned some online work on Khan Academy. The assignments are designed to review what was learned this year in preparation for the next school year. 

For the summer reading program, students entering first through eighth grades will keep a reading log on books they have read. A revised summer reading list, is available below.

  • Students entering first through third grades will complete the pages attached to their Summer Reading list found below and return them the first day of school.
  • Students entering fourth grade will submit three book reports using Google Classroom. Book reports should be turned in to Google Classroom on or before the following dates:  July 1, August 1 and September 1. For book suggestions and book report requirements, please see the summer reading list below.
  • Students entering fifth through eighth grades will read three books this summer, including one required book.  Students are asked to read the required book last as the class will begin the school year with discussions and written and oral responses to this book. No written book reports will be required this summer. For the required book and book suggestions, please see the summer reading list below.

Summer Reading Lists for 2017-18 School Year

If you have any questions about summer homework, please contact either your homeroom teacher or Diane Williamson at dianewilliamson@smeds.com.



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