Participation Hours

What Is The Policy Regarding Parent Participation?

  • ECE Parents ---> minimum of 12 hours
  • K thru 8th Parents --> minimum of 24 hours

What Activities Qualify And How Do I Find Out About Them?

All parents are sent a Parent Participation form with the school enrollment contract. The returned form is entered into a volunteer database. The areas of interest you checked will be forwarded to the appropriate committee chair. If a committee chair has not contacted you about your area of interest or if you have any questions about how to participate, please notify the Parents Club President or the Parent Participation Chair, and they will assist you.

How Do I Report My Hours?

To report your volunteer hours, please click the Parent Volunteer Reporting Form below. 

Parent Volunteer Reporting Form

I was thrilled to be fully supported in starting the organic garden for the school. The school community has embraced this beautiful teaching space, which connects our children with their food source."

— Rob Gaon, Parent

Accreditations and Memberships