Chapel/Daily Assembly

The school day begins with a brief chapel program. Through songs, words, prayer and quiet reflective time, our chapel experience provides students of all faith traditions with opportunities for personal and group experiences intended to:

  • bind us more closely in common concern for each other as a school family;
  • help us personally to meet the challenges of daily life and find inner peace and joy;
  • help us prepare our hearts and minds for the day's activity; and
  • enhance our appreciation for God's love and care for each other and our world.

The chapel experience is a responsibility shared by adults and students. Two or three times a year, each class develops a chapel experience of songs, skits, choral readings, and interactive displays to share with the entire school. These are community events which parents, grandparents, and friends attend. In addition, chapel provides an opportunity for special recognition and awards.


Birthday Blessing Information

St. Michael’s has a wonderful tradition of offering a birthday blessing for students in chapel, and we encourage parents to come to chapel on the day of their children’s blessing.  If you are wondering when your child’s blessing will be, here is a schedule of how birthday blessings take place for students in Kindergarten through eighth grade.

  • If your child’s birthday is on a Monday, the birthday blessing will be on Monday in chapel.
  • If your child’s birthday is on a Tuesday or Wednesday, the blessing will be on Tuesday in chapel.
  • If your child’s birthday is on Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday, the blessing will be Thursday in chapel.
  • If your child’s birthday is over a break during the school year, it will be on the last chapel before the break that is not a Eucharist.
  • All summer birthdays are recognized during the last Tuesday chapel of the school year.

ECE birthday blessings take place during the monthly Wednesday chapel that ECE attends.

If you have any questions about birthday blessings, please contact Chaplain Walker.

I was thrilled to be fully supported in starting the organic garden for the school. The school community has embraced this beautiful teaching space, which connects our children with their food source."

— Rob Gaon, Parent

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