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St. Michael's Library welcomes all students, parents, and staff!

Library events include:

  • Book displays highlighting core values, special days, student projects
  • Book clubs and literature circles
  • Research opportunities
  • Author studies
  • Conversations about good reads
  • Reading stories together

Early Childhood Library Program

Preschool and Pre-K students enjoy weekly story time in the library. This time is set aside and dedicated to giving children opportunities to experience language through books, songs, chants, puppet play and other interactions.

Lower School (K-4) Library Program

Classes visit the library each week to not only select books for independent and leisure reading, but to explore books and other resources that connect to their classroom learning. Lessons are provided that support classroom themes and introduce basic research skills. Teachers and library staff collaborate on curriculum projects and teachers are able to schedule time in the library to conduct research and work on group projects. Other learning activities include:

  • Understanding appropriate use of print and electronic resources
  • Being accountable for book checkout and return
  • Participating in Book Clubs and Literature Circles
  • Exploring award-winning literature
  • Learning to locate books and other materials in a library

Middle School (Grades 5-8) Library Program

The library is available to all students throughout the school day as well as before and after school. Middle school students review the research process and have ample opportunities to put their skills into practice, whether it be individual or group projects.

Throughout the process, students become effective users of print and electronic resources. They use information skills, resources and tools to:

  • Inquire, think critically, and gain knowledge
  • Draw conclusions and make informed decisions and
  • Share their knowledge and understanding with others and participate ethically and productively as members of our democratic society; and

Join the Library's Birthday Book Club

In recognition of your child's birthday, please consider participating in the Library Birthday Book Club. This is a great opportunity to celebrate your child's special day while supporting our library with a donation for the purchase of new books. Your gift will be used to purchase quality books to enhance the library collection. If you prefer to donate a new book that is also an option. A personalized book plate will be placed in the book, and your child will receive a personal thank you letter. Watch the Wednesday folders for a reminder note during the month of your child's birthday.


While my grammar class is challenging, the ultimate goal is to produce students whose writing abilities will make them stand out among their peers in high school."

— Zach Varanini, Faculty, Middle School

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