Performing Arts

Instrument and Music Program

Students in first through eighth grade take weekly lessons on a musical instrument.  The instrument lessons take place during school hours as part of our daily curriculum. The year culminates with a concert in the spring, where students are able to showcase what they learned during the year. In addition, students in preschool through eighth grade come weekly for singing and music theory lessons. There are three annual choral concerts: Christmas, Grandparents Day and Graduation.

Middle School Bell Choir

All seventh and eighth grade students participate in the Middle School Bell Choir directed by Ms. Davis which performs at Christmas Program, Grandparents Day, Baccalaureate and other special school functions.


The Lower School puts on a performance in conjunction with the Missoula Theater in the wintertime. Middle schoolers integrate their literature and classical studies with with Drama and Theater experiences in putting on a Spring Shakespeare Festival directed by middle school faculty.

Annual Shakespeare Festival



All third through sixth grade students participate weekly in Chorus with Ms. Davis, which performs at chapel, Christmas Program, Graduation, and other selected school functions.


Daily morning chapel provides opportunities for all students to develop public speaking and dramatic skills.

St. Michael's robotics curriculum uses project-based learning and allows our students to see the physical application of abstract science, math and engineering concepts while learning to design and program a robot."

— Veronica Graffis, Faculty, Middle School

Accreditations and Memberships