Peer Mediation

Congratulations to our 2016-2017 Peer Mediators:

8th grade:
7th grade:


The peer mediators were introduced in Chapel in October.  They are excited to serve the school community by leading mediation sessions and assisting with lower school morning recess duty.

Benefits To Our Students

  • Empowers students and promotes student generated resolutions
  • Assists students in identifying conflicts and in developing skills to resolve them
  • Helps students in developing better relationships
  • Develops leaderships skills in an increasingly diverse and complex world

The Peer Mediator program is a component of our Building a Caring and Respectful Community Plan. The program teaches students that there are methods for resolving disputes whereby all parties to a conflict can emerge as respected and affirmed. Peer mediators are 7th and 8th graders who have been selected by their peers. One day of training is held where mediators are taught many skills including:

  • How to analyze and understand conflict,
  • Improve listening skills, and
  • Improve verbal communication skills.


By having P.E. four days a week, it allows me as a teacher to really get engaged with the kids to show them all the facets of why it's important to stay active on a daily basis."

— Steve Buzzard, Faculty, Athletics

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