Student Government

2016-2017 Student Council Officers

President: Carlo, 8th grade
Vice Presidents: Cole, 7th grade
Secretary: Luke, 6th grade
Treasurer: Hayley, 6th grade
Special Events: Nick, 7th grade

2016-2017 Class Representatives

8th Grade: 
7th Grade: 
6th Grade: 
5th Grade: 
4th Grade: 
3rd Grade:  
2nd Grade: 
1st Grade: 

Benefits of Student Council

  • Leadership training
  • Public speaking opportunities
  • Increases school spirit
  • Enhances peer working relationships
  • Convention process teaches civic responsibility and the democratic process
  • Involves students in school decisions
  • Teaches time management and organization skills
  • Motivates students to work hard in academics and citizenship

Programs and Activities

  • Fundraising/Service Activities
  • Thanksgiving Food Drive
  • Christmas Giving Drive
  • Lollipop Sale (provides funds to support special needs projects in the Sacramento community)

Spirit Activities

  • Rallies
  • Variety Show
  • Spirit Days
  • Olympics

Philanthropy Activities

  • Evaluate and recommend where funds are donated





The community, the culture and the families have been everything we've wanted from a school."

— Kristin Enes, Parent

Accreditations and Memberships